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> Not sure what you mean by "date of composition."  <snip>
> Or do you mean when the composer composed 
> the work * then perhaps use <dateCreated>. 


Yes, I mean the date the composer composed the work. It's MARC field 045 (from Bib Formats & Standards: "Indicate the style period of the composition by coding the decade and/or date of composition in field 045.") I find no mapping to this field in the MARC Mapping to MODS document.

I wasn't sure about the appropiateness of <dateCreated> for this information, because I wasn't sure how to define "resource," as in "dateCreated contains the date of creation of the resource." Maybe I'm thinking too much here, but I wondered, does this mean the date of the creation (i.e., composition) of the work as an entity, or the date of the creation of the item in hand? If the former, then <dateCreated> works perfectly. Otherwise, <dateOther> seems to be the only place for this info. [I don't know what I was thinking when I originally thought this info might go into <dateCaptured>!]

The Detailed Description of MODS Elements does say under <dateCreated> that this type of date might be found in 534 $c, which is pretty close to what I'm talking about here. Yes, the more I consider this, the more I think <dateCreated> works for Date of Composition.

I'll appreciate any further thoughts some of you may have about this.

many thanks,
Renee McBride

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> Hello,
> I've been looking at MODS as it relates to music materials, and I 
> have a few questions:
> * I'm wondering exactly where one puts Date of Composition and 
> Date of Broadcast. I'm assuming this information goes in 
> <dateOther>, but perhaps Date of Composition could go in 
> <dateCaptured>?
> * How does one account for 600/610/611 $t? This would be rare with 
> scores and sound recordings, but it's possible that an item might 
> contain enough information about a work to justify such an entry.
> Thanks very much for your help.
> Renee McBride
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