Wednesday, June 9, 2004
Fellow PCC-ers,

Here are a few tips for a refreshing summer:
        1) Catch up on the coolest PCC news, i.e., watch this space
        2) Read the invigorating latest by linking to the cool spots on
the PCC Website
        3) Grab a frosty mug, fill with ice, and settle in for
conversation while "shooting the PCC breeze"
        4) Take a dip into the PCC pool of knowledge

Yes, it is that time again to hear from yours truly about the most
recent news, trends, and ideas to hit the PCC front.  Most importantly,
check the PCC Calendar at: (
to monitor the PCC events, particularly those that will be happening
during the ALA Annual Meeting in Orlando, where it will not be cool.

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Participants' Meeting
Agenda has been posted and is available at:
(  The
Participants Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 27, 2004 from 7:00 PM
- 8:30 PM in the Florida BallRoom #1 in the Peabody Orlando.  Carlen
Ruschoff, chair of the Policy Committee, will open with a brief recount
of developments since the January 2004 Participants' meeting.  Brief
reports from the chairs of the Standing and Operations Committees will
be presented to share information about decisions and activities
resulting from meetings held during the ALA Annual Conference.

The Participants' Meeting will feature speakers who will address topics
raised by the CONSER Summit on Serials in the Digital Environment held
in March 2004.  Les Hawkins, CONSER Coordinator, will present an
overview of the Summit and its findings. Regina Reynolds, head of the
U.S. ISSN Center at the Library of Congress, will discuss ISSN issues
raised at the Summit, including the current ISSN revision process and
efforts to provide improved ISSN access in the CONSER database.  Valerie
Bross (UCLA) will discuss the Summit recommendation for CONSER to
accommodate OpenURLs in the CONSER database.  She will outline a
proposal for CONSER to include Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) on
CONSER records.

In addition, certificates of appreciation will be presented to
individuals being recognized for substantial accomplishments to the
Program.  For those in attendance the final decision of the Steering
Committee regarding the name of the authority file(s) will be revealed.
The summary report of the PCC Standing Committee on Standards (SCS)
Naming of the Authority Files is available at:

The BIBCO-At-Large Agenda
( has been made
available on the BIBCO Home Page.  Please make sure to look over the
agenda and mark your calendars to insure that you attend the discussion
on parallel records, status of the BIBCO Training Manual, and SACO
Program Developments.

The BIBCO OpCo Summary
( has been posted
to the PCC Website.  The document summarizes the important issues that
were discussed in detail during the two-day meeting.  Included in the
report are the action items and "to do" tasks which have been or will be
undertaken by the appropriate PCC staff.

The CONSER-At-Large Agenda
( has now been posted
to the Web.  Please link to this page to see the issues to be discussed
as well as the meeting logistics.

The CONSER OpCo Summary (
is now available.  Of particular note is the portion of the report that
reflects the CONSER-Only portion of the OpCo meeting from Thursday
afternoon (May 6th) and all day Friday, May 7th.

The Standing Committee on Training (SCT) has formed and charged a new
Task Group to Update Integrating Resources Documentation and Training
Materials ( under the
leadership of Judith Kuhagen, Senior Policy Specialist, CPSO.   The new
Task Group charge and timeframe is identified as well as the entire
membership roster.

The Standing Committee on Automation
(  has appointed one
new member to serve as the new vendor liaison.  Jane Grawemeyer,
Technical Services Product Manager, SIRSI has been appointed to the
three year term.

The PCC Governance Document
( has been updated to
reflect the newest component program changes to SACO.  Please watch for
the changes in the documentation to be reflected in the SACO Overview as
well as SACO FAQs.

The FAQs for creating authority records in NACO have undergone revision
and are available on the NACO Home Page

The comprehensive PCC FY2004 Mid-year statistics at a glance are now
available at: (
; the statistics by institutional name and/or by funnel are available
at: (  Please use these
links to verify that the statistics reported are at the cumulative level
which your institution has contributed.

The list of liaisons will be updated prior to the ALA Annual meeting in
Orlando.  As always, please let me know of any additions or corrections
to the liaisons from your institution by means of direct communication
through email to me ([log in to unmask]).  Hope to see all of you in Orlando
and if not, please enjoy your summer.  Keep cool.

Yours truly,
John N. Mitchell