>> And ... why do you have kb.title and anyway?  Surely these are
>> just dc.title and using 'exact' rather than a word relation?

> I wasn't sure about the relation between the prefix and the set name.
> We do not use  prefixes. Just strip them. This  was just meant to be
> able to define an indexset in the Zeerex way. Author is not in DC so
> nees to be in a separate indexset. I did not put all the index names in
> as I am we have much more than hundred index names that actually do not

I don't follow, I'm afraid.  You -are- of course perfectly at liberty to
define any indexes you want, but kb.title seems to have identical
semantics to dc.title ?
And yes, dc doesn't have 'author', it's called 'creator', my mistake.


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