>> I've got a gateway to a Z39.50 server which returns characters which I
>> can't serialize to XML and/or successfully deserialize, for example the

> How can there be a character that you can't at least serialize as a hex
> code?

I can serialize it fine, but when it gets deserialised, the underlying xml
parser turns it back into the escape character proper.  Then it screws up
the SOAP response parser when it's at the end of a string.  This could be
just my SOAP toolkit, but I've tried switching the parser between three
different implementations (expat, 4suite, libxml2) and the same thing
happens with each.

      <value>foo &#27;</value>

I thought of replacing the character or term with something else, as per
Theo's suggestion, but then you end up with the same problem as just
omitting the character -- the term is practically worthless, so you might
as well omit the whole thing.


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