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>2 things.
>Secondly, Theo, your explain response isn't valid.
>You have indexSet where it should be set, both for attributes and
>elements.  Also you need to give identifiers for your context sets.
>Eg, you have:
>  <indexSet name="kb"/>
>which should be:
>  <set name="kb" identifier=""/>
>or similar.
>And then <name indexSet="kb"> should be <name set="kb">

Thanks, I will have this changed.

>And ... why do you have kb.title and anyway?  Surely these
>just dc.title and using 'exact' rather than a word

I wasn't sure about the relation between the prefix and the set name.
We do not use  prefixes. Just strip them. This  was just meant to be
able to define an indexset in the Zeerex way. Author is not in DC so
nees to be in a separate indexset. I did not put all the index names in
as I am we have much more than hundred index names that actually do not
belong to a single set. As soon as a data provider introduces a new term
the corresponding xml tag automatically becomes a new index name.
Applications using these data do not use explain to find out what
indexes are supported because they are written for using specific

>Thirdly, you should update the dc identifier to the 1.1 version.