Robert Sanderson wrote:

> I've got a gateway to a Z39.50 server which returns characters which I
> can't serialize to XML and/or successfully deserialize, for example the
> ascii escape character.  (Why this is in the index I have no idea, as it
> makes the term impossible to search with, but that's not my problem or my
> fault)
> As we don't have term surrogate diagnostics, what do I do?
> * Simply omit the term?
>   This seems wrong, but I'm tending towards it as the best of a bad lot.
> * Return a term with a null value?
>   Wrong, as a search for the null value may or may not produce results.
> * Strip out the unserializable characters and return the resulting term?
>   Seems wrong as the numberOfRecords will probably be wrong, barring good
>   fortune.

This is what I would recommend. Usually ESC is used to some
terminal/vt100/old/ancient specficic highlight or something. Not of any
use. Seems a little rude to omit the term, IMHO.

-- Adam

> * Other?
> Rob
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