CONSER and BIBCO participants:

        Your comments are requested on the two topics below by cob
August 27, 2004.  Please send them to Judy Kuhagen in CPSO
([log in to unmask]).

#1:  Should there be a "PCC practice" decision for the following options in the 2004 Update to AACR2?

        Option added to use "a term in common usage" to give physical carrier's specific format (e.g., "DVD-audio").
[LC won't be applying the optional provision of the rule.  FYI:  MLA members did not support this option when it was discussed by ALA's Committee for Cataloging: Description and Access.]

        Option added to use "a term in common usage" to give physical carrier's specific format (e.g., "DVD-video").
[LC uses Archival Moving Image Materials, not AACR2 chapter 7, for its cataloging of moving image materials.]

        Option added to give extent of remote access electronic resources.  The rule will go on to say that cataloger should use a term from subrule .5B of appropriate chapter or use a term in common usage
(e.g., "1 photograph," "1 sound file," "6 remote-sensing images," "Web site"). 
New rules will give instructions (9.5B4) about recording the number of files and/or the number of records/statements/bytes in area 5 or in a note and instructions (9.5C3) about giving other details about the resource (e.g., file types) in area 5 or in a note.

[LC will apply the option in 9.5B3 on a case-by-case basis.]

#2:   Should the paragraph below be added at the end of "3) Conference publications" in section "Situations Requiring Further Consideration" in LCRI 1.0?

        BIBCO participants may choose on a case-by-case basis to create a monograph record for a conference publication even if there is a CONSER record encompassing that time period; links between those monograph records may be given.  BIBCO and CONSER participants may
choose to give linking notes between serial and monograph bibliographic records; the link should be given on the monograph record closest in time to the coverage of the serial record.

Background for addition of this paragraph: 
        There have been postings recently on CONSRLST about the possibility of BIBCO libraries creating monograph records for conference publications and whether or not links should be given.  The guidelines for conference publications in the LCRI are the result of negotiations/discussion about the cataloging of these resources at LC and with cataloging/reference staff in other libraries. They acknowledge certain situations where monograph records are preferred in order to give specific information, describe when libraries may prefer to create serial records to make efficient use of catalogers' time, and indicate that recataloging is not encouraged (again to make efficient use of catalogers' time).  The guidelines were not intended to discourage flexibility in local libraries' decisions; because there isn't a discrete BIBCO database, BIBCO participants are more able to make such local decisions.  The addition of the paragraph would clarify the situation for BIBCO participants if those submitting comments feel such a clarification is needed.