Tanya B.,
It is possible that the file from Apex has restrictions on it.

Right click the file and select properities. See if it is "Archive"
or "Read only".

If you can't change it. You can save it a zip disk and change it on
the disk. The permissions won't stop you when you copy it outside
your hard drive.

Mike F.
Library of Congress

--- Tanya Brun <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I am proofreading an encoded (by Apex) text using XMetal 3, and
> figured
> out that some realy long paragraphs in the <bioghist> section are
> not
> complete. The program doesn't let me key the absent text in.
> Does anyone know if it is the XMetaL's restriction on the number of
> characters in a <p> and if there is a way to overcome it other than
> dividing the long paragraph in smaller ones?
> Thank you.
> Tanya Brun
> Archival Specialist
> Hagley Museum and Library
> Wilmington, DE
> [log in to unmask]

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