Hi Bruce,

The <xsd:any> schema allows for foreign markup, and only the definition
of<extension> uses it in MODS.  You have to do something like:

    <title>Some title</title>
    <extitle xmlns="http:whatver">Some <foo>title</foo></extitle>

So <titleInfo> contains a plain text version of the title, and the rich
text version goes in an extension element.


>>> [log in to unmask] 2004-07-13 11:22:47 >>>
I find it virtually impossible to read an xml schema, so want to
confirm something:

Is it the case that things like the title element are defined in such
way that foreign markup can be added?

So, the following is valid?

        <title>some <foo>title</foo></title>

I ask because I was recently reminded about this issue of inline
markup, and according to my Relax NG-based setup, the above is indeed
valid.  If that's correct, then perhaps one solution is to use
namespaces to handle this.  E.g.:

        <title>some <eb:citedtitle>title</eb:citedtitle></title>

        <title>some <eb:quote>quote</eb:quote></title>

        <title>some <eb:soCalled>phrase</eb:soCalled></title>

... and so forth.  I still think MODS ought to have a span element for
this stuff though.