On Jul 22, 2004, at 10:12 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:

> It seems that "monographic" and "monograph" are somewhat different.
> Journal articles are considered "monographic components" in the MARC
> record (see definition of Leader /07). So it's saying that the article
> is a single item within a larger item. Journal articles and chapters
> get
> the same coding in MARC, BTW. But I've never felt that MARC was fully
> developed for "parts of larger things" since libraries spend very
> little
> time cataloging at that level.

I'm confused. I look at <issuance>monographic</issuance> and think "OK,
obviously we're talking about issuance rather than just whether a
record is a standalone object."  Are you hinting that maybe the coding
in MARC is a mistake?

And would we agree that a book chapter's host would have the
"monographic" issuance, and a journal article's would have

I basically made this argument that in the TEI example below, the
monogr element really ought to be "serial," and am now not sure if
that's right.

<biblStruct rend="newspaperArticle" id="OakTrib2003a" >
             <name type="given">Ian</name>
             <name type="family">Hoffman</name>
             <title level="a" lang="en">State monitored war
        <title>Oakland Tribune</title>
             <date value="2003-06-01"/>