As a member of the Music Library Association's (MLA) Metadata Standards Working Group, I'm heading up a subgroup that is looking at MODS. A member of our subgroup recently asked me how authority control fits into our work (which has been focused on issues of description to this point). She noted that we can include the source of the authority as an attribute, but wondered how this works in practice. E.g. if you type in Rite of spring, how do you reach the authority record that leads you to the uniform title? I don't know the answer and would greatly appreciate your help in understanding.

Also, about authority attributes: I see in the MARC/MODS mapping the <subject authority> and <genre authority> attributes, but I don't see authority attributes for name, title, or series (under <related item>). Again, I would greatly appreciate your help in understanding how this works for names/titles/series, as well as how MADS relates to all this.

many thanks!

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