Am coming back to figuring out legal citations; in this case a bill.

The structure ought to be similar to an article, but I get stuck on the 
details.  From my legal citation guide, here's an example:

H.R. 24, 107th Congr.  2 (Jan. 3, 2001)

1)  abbreviation for bill ("House Bill" in this case)
2)  Bill number
3)  Congress number
4)  what the manual calls "pinpoint reference" (e.g. a part detail; in 
this case a section number)
5)  date

What I'm curious about is how to code 1-3?  For example, on 1, here are 
other examples (this just for U.S. federal bills):

House Resolution (H.R. Res.)
House Concurrent Resolution (H.R. Con. Res.)
House Joint Resolution (H.R. Jt. Res.)
Senate Bill (Sen.)
Senate Resolution (Sen. Res.)
Senate Concurrent Resolution (Sen. Con. Res.)
Senate Joint Resolution (Sen. Jt. Res.)

Are these each genres?  Or would they be titles?  Something else?

Suggestions appreciated.