On Jul 30, 2004, at 5:44 PM, Karen Coyle wrote:

> If this is all you've got:
> H.R. 24, 107th Congr.  2 (Jan. 3, 2001)
> then you've not got much to go on in terms of bibliographic metadata.
> This is like having a journal citation that reads:
> JAMA, 57(11), pp. 73-84
> It would get you there, but there's nothing really "bibliographic" 
> about
> it.

Yes, sorry; I should have been clear about that.  It was indeed just a 

> The citation here is essentially an identifier, and if it was in
> addition to some bibliographic metadata it might be in an identifier
> field or even a uniform title (see below). The bill DOES have a title
> (in this case "Probation Officers' Protection Act of 2001" from the
> Thomas database), but if you don't have that it's like having a URL but
> no name of the document.
> In other words, I don't think  that library cataloging or MODS will be
> terribly useful here, unless you have more info. As an aside, however,
> the Congressional bill database ( treats "H.R. 
> 24"
> as the "number" for the bill.

Ahh, that starts to make sense.  Maybe the "H.R. 24" is then a part 
detail.  Perhaps have a genre value of "legislation" and then the 

<detail type="house bill"><number>24</number></detail>