Network Bulletin No. 04-36
      Date:   July 9, 2004

      Subject:    Reference materials
      Index term:  Deaf-Blindness: National Organizations  and Resources

      The enclosed reference circular __Deaf-Blindness: National Organizations and
      Resources, 2004,__ replaces the circular__ Deaf-Blindness: National Organizations
      and Resources, January 1993, No. 93-01.__ Please insert this copy into your Reference
      Circular binder and discard all copies of the previous edition.  An updated table of
      contents for your library's binder is also included.

      Additional copies of this publication can be ordered from your multistate center.  The
      MSC stock number is CR024.

      The circular is available online at <
      /deafblind.html> and it will be produced in braille.

      [Enclosures: This Bulletin contained print enclosures that were mailed to the Network
      on July 9, 2004.]

      For further information, please contact:

      Linda Redmond
      Head, Reference Section


      Reference Circulars

      Table of Contents

     MSC Stock #                     Title                   Date

     CR003             Assistive Devices for Use with Personal10/01
                       Computers (01-02), large print
     CR003B             braille

     CR008             Bibles and Other Sacred Writings in Special 9/99
                       Media (99-02), large print
     CR008B             braille
     CR008C             cassette

     CR023             Blindness and Visual Impairments: Information3/01
                       and Advocacy Organizations (01-01), large print
     CR023B             braille
     CR023C             cassette

     CR011             Braille Embossers (00-01), large print 5/00
     CR011B             braille

     CR004             Braille Literacy: Resources for Instruction,Revision
                       Writing Equipment, and Supplies                      in Process

     CR013             Building a Library Collection on Visual and3/99
                       Physical Disabilities: Basic Materials and
                       Resources (99-01), large print

     CR024             Deaf-Blindness: National Organizations and2/04
                       Resources (04-01), large print

     CR014             Guide to Spoken-Word Recordings: Popular     Revision
                       Literature                                                             in Process

     CR006              Information for Travelers with Physical or Visual       6/02
                         Disabilities (02-02), large print

     CR022             Learning Disabilities: Organizations and                Revision
                       Resources                                                        in Process
     CR022C             Recorded on verso of Facts: Talking Books and
                       Reading Disabilities

      The Magazine Program of the National Library            3/03
                          Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
         (NLS), (03-02), large print

     CR009             Magnifying Devices: A Resource Guide (02-01),         5/02
                          large print

     CR018             Parents' Guide to the Development of PreschoolRevision
                       Children with Disabilities: Resources and          in Process

     CR025             Physical Disabilities: Information and Advocacy12/03
         Organizations (03-01), large print

     CR001             Reading Materials in Large Print: A Resource Guide 5/97
                       (97-02), large print

     CR019             Sources of Audiovisual Materials on Disabilities 5/95
       (95-02), print

     CR021             Sources of Braille Reading Materials (96-02), 9/96
      large print
     CR021B            braille

     July 2004