Network Bulletin No. 04-40

       Date July 23, 2004

       Subject:   Book collection
       Index Term: Braille titles from JBI International

       JBI International, formerly the Jewish Braille Institute, has transferred
       approximately 5,500 titles of its English language braille circulating collection to
       the custody of NLS.  JBI International will be advising its braille patrons that
       they may, if registered with the NLS program, request these books from their
       braille-lending libraries.

       JBI titles will have a book number with the prefix BRI in the Union Catalog.
       Network libraries should request an interlibrary loan for these books from the
       Multistate Center West.

       Some titles have not yet been numbered and will only have the BRI prefix.
       These may be requested as follows: log on to the NLS ILL system, enter "BRI" in
       the media box, enter "99999" in the number box, and enter the title and author in
       the comments box.  Follow this procedure only if the title does not have a
       complete book number in the catalog.

       For additional information please contact:
       Robert Axtell
       Head, Bibliographic Control Section