Network Bulletin No. 04-41

       Date: July 23, 2004

       Subject:   Magazines
       Index term:    Reporting form for __Magazines Produced by Network Libraries__

       A link to Facts: __Magazines Produced by Network Libraries__ is on the Network
       Library Services web site <> under the "Selected Reports and
       Documents from NLS" page.  The factsheet contents are based on 2003 survey data
       provided by network libraries.  It is time to update this document for 2004.

       On the "Selected Forms to send to NLS" page is a link to a form entitled "NLS
       Reporting Form: Magazines Produced by Network Libraries."  Please complete and
       submit the form by August 6, 2004, whether your library produces magazines or not.
       If your library produces more than three titles, please submit the form multiple times.

       For further information contact:
       Linda Redmond, Head
       Reference Section