Bergdorf Blondes Sykes, Plum LAT RC
Best Awful Fisher, Carrie LA RC 57937
Birth of Venus Dunant, Sarah NYT RC 57888, BR 15267
Can You Keep a Secret Kinsella, Sophie NYT/LAT RC
Celeste Andrews, V.C. NYT RC
Divided in Death Robb, J.D. NYT RC 57938
Emma's Secret Bradford, Barbara Taylor NYT RC 57943
Firestorm Johansen, Iris NYT RC 57890
Full Cupboard of Life Smith, Alexander McCall NYT/LAT/WP RC
Glorious Appearing LaHaye, Tim NYT RC 57944, BR 15335
Hidden Prey Sandford, John WP RC/BR
Jane Austen Book Club Fowler, Karen Joy WP/NYT/LAT RC
Just One Look Coben, Harlan LAT RC
Little Children Perrotta, Tom LAT RC 57891
Memorial Day Flynn, Vince NYT RC
Narrows Connelly, Michael NYT/WP/LAT RC 58047
Princes of Ireland Rutherford, Edward WP, LAT RC 58000
Rule of Four Caldwell, Ian & Thomason, Dustin NYT/WP/LAT RC
Seduced by Moonlight Hamilton, Laurell K. NYT RC
Sherbrooke Twins Coulter, Catherine NYT RC 57945
Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way Bruckheimer, Lida LAT RC
Therapy Kellerman, Jonathan NYT RC

Against All Enemies Clarke, Richard A. NYT RC
Alexander Hamilton Chernow, Ron NYT/WP/LAT RC
Atkins Essentials Atkins Staff NYT RC 58001
Battle Ready Clancy, Tom WP RC
Belly Laughs McCarthy, Jenny NYT RC
Big Russ and Me Russert, Tim NYT/WP/LAT RC/BR
Caddy for Life Feinstein, John WP RC
Eats, Shoots and Leaves Truss, Lynne NYT/LAT RC/BR
Enduring Love Pahlavi, Farah LAT RC 58002
Father Joe Hendra, Tony NYT (on order)
Founding Mothers Roberts, Cokie NYT RC
Ghost Wars Coll, Steve WP RC 57940
Grace and Power Smith, Sally Bedell WP RC
House of Bush, House of Saud Unger, Craig WP/NYT/LAT RC
Hollywood Animal Eszterhas, Joe LAT RC 57999
I Am What I Ate...And I'm Frightened!!! Cosby, Bill NYT RC 58005
On the Down Low King, J.L. NYT/WP RC
Perfectly Legal Johnston, David Cay NYT RC 57892
Plan of Attack Woodward, Bob NYT/WP RC/BR
Politics of Truth Wilson, Joseph NYT/LAT RC
Power of Intention Dyer, Wayne W. LAT RC
Present Johnson, Spencer NYT RC 57893
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Allen, Ted WP RC 57889
Rewriting History Morris, Dick NYT RC
Sexy Years Somers, Suzanne NYT, LAT RC
South Beach Diet Cookbook Agatston, Arthur NYT RC/BR
Ten Minutes from Normal Hughes, Karen LAT RC
Secrets of the Code Burstein, Dan NYT RC
Spiral Staircase Armstrong, Karen NYT RC
Stiff Roach, Mary NYT RC
Ten Minutes from Normal Hughes, Karen NYT RC
Three Weeks with My Brother Sparks, Nicolas & Micah NYT RC/BR
Trump: How to Get Rich Trump, Donald LAT RC
Why Courage Matters McCain, John WP RC
Worse Than Watergate Dean, John W. WP RC
Princess in Pink Cabot, Meg NYT RC
Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane Grosset & Dunlap NYT BR
Again the Magic Kleypas, Lisa RBC RC
Alexander Hamilton Chernow, Ron BOMC RC
Alta Lackey, Mercedes SFBC RC
Bachelor List Feather, Jane RBC RC
Battle Ready Clancy, Tom BOMC RC
Bet Me Crusie, Jennifer RBC RC
Bride Hunt Feather, Jane RBC RC
Crown Jewel Michaels, Fern RBC RC 57921
Dark Champion, A MacGregory, Kinley RBC RC
Deep Pockets Barnes, Linda MG RC
Eagle and the Rising Sun Schom, Alan M. BOMC RC
Firestorm Johansen, Iris MG RC 57890
Fool's Fate Hobb, Robin SFBC RC
Forge of Heaven Cherryh, C.J. SFBC RC
Guardian of the Horizon Peters, Elizabeth MG RC 58038, BR
Hidden Prey Sandford, John LG/MG RC/BR
High Country Barr, Nevada MG RC 57964
Highlander Unbound London, Julia RBC RC
Gardens of the Moon Erikson, Steven SFBC RC
Ideal Bride Laurens, Stephanie RBC RC
Intelligencer Silbert, Leslie BOMC RC
Island at the Center of the World Shorto, Russell BOMC RC
Just One Look Coben, Harlan LG RC
Killer Smile Scottoline LG/MG RC
Kills, The Fairstein, Linda MG RC 58014
Lady in Question Alexander, Victoria RBC RC 57913
Last Light of the Sun Kay, Guy Gavriel SFBC RC
Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors Hornfischer, James BOMC RC
Last Lessons of Summer Maron, Margaret MG RC 57898
Legends II Silverberg, Robert (ed.) SFBC RC 57953, BR 15271
Loving Scoundrel Lindsey, Johanna RBC RC/BR
Meaning of Everything Winchester, Simon BOMC RC
Narrows, The Connelly, Michael BOMC RC
Paid Companion Quick, Amanda RBC RC
Pandora's Star Hamilton, Peter F. SFBC RC
Pursuit of Marriage Alexander, Victoria RBC RC
Reckless Abandon Woods, Stuart MG RC 57959
Ringworld's Children Niven, Larry SFBC RC
Slightly Sinful Balogh, Mary RBC RC
Survivor's Quest Zahn, Timothy SFBC RC 57972, BR
Taking Koontz, Dean LG/MG RC
Time's Eye Clarke, Arthur C. and

Baxter, Stephen

Truth or Dare Krentz, Jayne Ann RBC RC 57978
Whisker of Evil Brown, Rita Mae MG RC