Justifiably so: there'd only be NARs for them if somebody needed them as
headings for a bib record.

130 uniform titles, I think.

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Dear Anthony

I'm afraid there I can find no sign of authority records for these
files, so I must treat your message with some caution.


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Following upon the work of PCC task groups working under the aegis of
the Standing Committee for Standards, the PCC Steering Committee took up
the question of the official names of the Name Authority File and the
Subject Authority File during its meeting at ALA*Orlando.

The Steering Committee carefully considered the recommendations of the
Standing Committee on Standards in a report from this past May; comments
received from PCC members and interested parties; and special
considerations from the permanent members of the committee.

The official name of the names authority file is "LC/NACO Authority
File". The subject authority file will be called the "LC/SACO Authority