On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, Matthew J. Dovey wrote:
>> There is one other aspect of this which seems to have been missed
>> entirely (or is handled in some clever way I'm missing) and that is
>> multi-lingual forms of the user friendly text message. All the

> I did suggest that the message element had an lang attribute to indicate
> the language code (either mandatory or taken to be English if omitted).
> we adopted). However, it didn't meet with any support at the time...

Which would get lost in SRW as it's an attribute, and hence not echoed
into the object heirarchy built by SOAP tks.

Even if it was usable, it wouldn't be useful unless message was
repeatable (eg give a choice of error messages in different languages)
Then (a)  clients need to start making choices about which message or
messages to display, and (b) servers need to try and translate all of
their messages, which probably won't even see the light of day anyway if
the client isn't very thin. If it is that thin, then the server can likely
just give the appropriate message anyway. (eg local stylesheet on sru

Overall: Lots of work, very little gain.


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