Robert Sanderson wrote:

> On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Christian Boulanger wrote:
>>> Or you could use the SRW web service interface to the LoC database and
>>> save yourself the trouble :)
>> Hi Robert, this looks interesting! Do you know of any PHP/Perl etc.
>> scripts which can do SRW/SRU requests / parsing? I guess I have to have
>> a look at SOAP after all.
> Not for PHP/Perl, but I've copied to the development list for SRW to see
> if anyone has done any work in this area.
> I seem to recall that Eric Morgan at Notre Dame was using Perl?
We have an SRW server written in PHP. It is based on the DOM XML tools
in PHP4. I haven't had time to look at the SOAP implementation in PHP5.
It (SOAP in PHP5) might work witht the WSDL or it might not. 99% it
doesn't :(

> Probably the biggest requirement is a CQL parser, of which there's three
> OSS implementations (Java, C and Python) and a couple I know of which
> aren't released to the public yet including C#.

Our PHP based SRW includes a CQL parser as well.

For SRW client we use PHP/YAZ (which does Z39.50 as well).

> Perl has a good SOAP module, but I've not recently tried out the SRW WSDL
> in it. (It didn't work last time due to document/literal style)

I never got it to work properly either. The only route to make it work
is to use DOM XML - as in PHP.

-- Adam

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