I have six 10" French Pathe discs, lateral cut and electrically recorded, with black and gold labels.  They resemble the label used in the U.S. during the 1920s.
All seem to be French pop vocals, the songs *not* taken from the Tin Pan Alley repertory.  I'd like to date them more precisely and learn something about the performers on them.  They are: X2159 (mxs. 200997 and 998), Jane Pyrac; X3572 (mxs. 20994 and 995), Jane Pierly; X3584 (mxs. 201053 and 054), Georges Vorelli; X3586 (mxs. 201056 and 057), Berthe Delny; X3599 (mxs. 201114 and 115), Mlle. Damia; X3620 (mxs. 201210 and 212), Germaine Vecue.
Paul Charosh
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