Hello all,

Just acquired an edison voicewriter model 74000, its the small gray metal box version. Anyone have experience with this?

I am interested in seeing if I could use this to make transfers of cylinders by using a modern quiet brushless motor. It seems it only has one TPI speed, anyone know what speed it is?

Also, I am very curious about the main lever on the recording/playback head. It seems to have 3 positions, with the middle position being off and not engaging the feed screw.

What are the top and bottom position for? Is one record and one play?

Also, in one of the two operating positions of the lever, there is an odd device that seems to trigger periodically as the cylinder rotates, almost as if it were a metronome tapping the side of the case a few times per revolution, yet the other operating position takes this out. Any thoughts?

And lastly, on the bottom of the head are two push buttons named (L) and (C) it would appear that one would insert a slip of paper under these buttons and perhaps could mark areas of interest corresponding to recorded material. What to the letters L and C denote?

Thanks very much