The statistical report is due to me on Sept. 29, with the statistical
year ending on the 26th this year.  Why do PCC libraries need to cut off
their reports on Aug. 31, this year or next?  I would think that they
could report everything up thru 17th, with David running his program on
the 20th when he returns; what is done after the 17th would be added to
Oct. reports.

Perhaps I don't understand the situation well enough and some further
explanation is in order.

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The annual report for FY2004 must be done before the end of September
this year.

With several hundred members' numbers entering LC through multiple
streams, as well as the usual delays we experience with
there will simply not be enough time for compiling statistics by the
deadline if we wait until the last Friday in the month (our usual

We will have a similar problem with FY2005.


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Why are they running this on the last day of August?  Couldn't they
for a few days into September to give us a chance to finish out the
and cumulate our stats?  For us at WaU this involves about 12
monthly statistics sheets that they turn in to our secretary once the
month is over and then the stats are cumulated and give to me to
With an August 30 deadline, we will not be able to report stats for


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