Dear BIBCO colleagues,  I'm told that the program for BIBCO (and CONSER) stats will be run 7:00 am EDT on Monday, August 30, 2004.  That's when our automation guru plans to run them before he takes leave for a few weeks.
I've been looking at the July and year-to-date totals, and they tell a story of lots of hard work.  Already one-quarter of the institutions have exceeded the number of records they contributed last year.  Another quarter are in that strong 80-90% contribution level.
The June and July reports show a few gaps, so I'm certain that some of you will want to bundle any stats you missed in those months to add to your August numbers and send them before sunrise on Capitol Hill on Monday morning. 
Thanks to the folks who already have sent their BIBCO stats reports and annual reports!
Carolyn Sturtevant
Acting BIBCO Coordinator
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