Dear BIBCO colleagues,  In response to the needs of our BIBCO partners, we have re-examined our deadlines for reporting BIBCO (and CONSER) stats for the remainder of FY2004.  We will run the stats program on these two dates, and will include all data from them in FY2004:

August 30
September 20 

Both are earlier than the standard dates for running the program internally, but they have been set to work around schedules here at LC while we prepare for our annual reports.

Any data not reported by those dates should be entered in the next reporting period, and will be counted for FY2005.  As FY2005 begins, please follow your established pattern for reporting stats each month.

As always--Please send only one report per month, including data from multiple months as needed.

Thanks for your support of the BIBCO program and your patience and flexibility as we try to meet our deadlines.

Carolyn Sturtevant
Acting BIBCO Coordinator
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