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Denise W. Lomax
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Library; Bldg. 500, 7th Fl.
320 First St. NW
Washington, DC  20534
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Does anyone know of a librarian working in a prison
(penitentiary/correctional institution) hospital library in the
or state system? To the best of my knowledge  I believe I am the only
one (in the federal system).  I have called all the federal medical
centers attached to prisons in this country and have found none that
have medical librarians.  Does anyone know of any such
library/librarian overseas? I have not called state prison hospitals,
with the exception of one in NC, that does not have a medical
either.  Finally, and this is a somewhat crazy question :) does anyone
know of a medical librarian working in an unusual
environment/organization or serving a unique type of clientele?  I
in an OPL, and I provide library services to the medical staff not the

Looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you very much for your assistance.


Martha Preddie
Medical Librarian
Federal Medical Center,
Old Highway 75
Butner, NC 27509.
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919-575-3900 ext 5190
919-575-4809 (fax)