Over the course of a few months earlier this year, Milicent Wewerka
commented on the 'Issues to Resolve' document I prepared back in
January. The attached file records the disposition I have taken in
preparing a revised version of the 'Issues to Resolve' doc, which I will
make available directly.

[I'm assuming the attachment will go through. I'll post somewhere online
if not.]

In most cases, she simply agreed with the analysis and recommendations.
In some cases, though, she suggested a change of one type or another. I
did not mention items on which Milicent was in full agreement.

Of course, the point of preparing this doc is to make it easier for JAC
members to follow what's been exchanged between Milicent and me and then
process the revised 'Issues to Resolve' document and settle on some
decisions. One way this doc can help you is that it points out which
items Milicent and I didn't completely agree on straight off, and of the
others which were more difficult than others.

I hope that we can resolve all of these soon. I'm preparing another
draft of ISO 639-3 that reflects the proposed solutions I've made with
Milicent's input, and those can be revised in a new draft after another
round of balloting, but I would like to have your cooperation so that we
can get it done during that cycle.

All of the items require your consideration, of course, but I would like
to draw your attention to a couple of items that need particularly
careful consideration:

6.15 Tibetan -- Milicent and I have fairly different ideas on what to do

7.3 Moldavian/Romanian - the proposed solution involves a deprecation

 <<Disposition of Comments from Milicent Wewerka-003.doc>> Peter