I'm using METS to represent video performances that we have accessioned
into our library from NYU's performing arts school. Each catalogued
"object" is a performance that may be one of several on a particular tape,
may span several tapes, may start at the end of one tape and continue onto
the beginning of the next tape, etc.

Rather than create div elements for each tape, part of a tape, or parts of
several tapes on which a particular performance resides, I am trying to use
the seq and area elements with BEGIN and END attributes to indicate where
each piece of the performance begins and ends on each tape. Things are
working out fine, except that I need a LABEL attribute for the AREA
element, to indicate what part of each tape is being utilized for the
particular performance being represented.

Does this look like a good approach, and would it be worthwhile for METS to
add a LABEL attribute to the area element? Or, am I making things
unnecessarily hard for myself, and should use nested divs to indicate the
parts of tapes on which each performance resides?

Thoughts or suggestions appreciated,


Eric L. Stedfeld
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