On Sun, 15 Aug 2004, Dan Pisarski wrote:

> My name is Dan Pisarski and I am the Director of Digital Technology here at
> Library Video Company and Schlessinger Media, and producer and distributor
> of educational videos.  We are working with the National Association of
> Media and Technology Centers on helping the educational video market adopt
> standards of metadata as it moves into digital delivery of video content.  

Thank you for the intriguing posting.  Some of us are also looking forward
to managing video in digital-file form and share your interest in the
general topic of appropriate metadata.  But help us with a clarification:

-- To what degree is your interest in "bibliographic" or
"descriptive" metadata, the kind of information that supports resource
discovery?  If in this category, does your interest include the output of
logging software, e.g., Virage?

-- To what degree is your interest in what digital library folks call
"structural" metadata, the kind that is needed to, say, keep a
multi-file/multi-part object wrapped as a package, for delivery or for

-- To what degree is your interest in the kinds of technical metadata that
might describe the characteristics of files in an object package, e.g.,
"this is MPEG-4 Simple Profile, with a picture size of 360 lines and 240
samples per line."

-- To what degree is your interest in metadata needed to support systems
that manage access to files, e.g., rights, restrictions, or payment data?

-- To what degree is your interest in the kinds of "preservation metadata"
that is presently being cooked up by RLG/OCLC

Best wishes,

Carl Fleischhauer
Project Coordinator
Office of Strategic Initiatives
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-1330