Sorry for the repost, but I received an error message from the list distributor, perhaps because I posted a very similar message to the MODS group.  I wanted to make sure this list got the message as well.  Thank you.

My name is Dan Pisarski and I am the Director of Digital Technology here at Library Video Company and Schlessinger Media, and producer and distributor of educational videos.  We are working with the National Association of Media and Technology Centers on helping the educational video market adopt standards of metadata as it moves into digital delivery of video content. 

I was wondering if anyone on this listserv, either in the LOC or outside of it, would be interested in being involved in that project and effort.  I am not sure what the demographics of this list are, but if there are ILS vendors, other content producers, or libraries and their experts out there who know they will be working with digital video as one object type in digital libraries and would like to shape how digital video metadata is made available, we would be happy to have you involved.

If you are interested in this project or are already working on video specifically as a digital object in a digital library, please contact me.

Thank you for your time,
Dan Pisarski
Directory of Digital Technology
Library Video Company