Oh, I see, I was converting MODS3 with a MODS2 stylesheet. I swapped out
the header info and made a few modifications and it transformed fine.



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08/19/2004 12:37 PM

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The problem is a mis-typing; it shouldn't refer to "marc:code", but
"mods:code" instead.

The larger issue is that we've got an unpublished upgrade to this
stylesheet (it's actually still for MODS2 to MARC).

I expect we'll post it soon; it solves this and a number of other issues,
and makes it work for MODS3.

Nate Trail
Network Development & MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress

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I have a quick question about transforming MODS documents into MARCXML. I
have a database that has the ability to output MODS records for sound
recordings entered in it. I was doing a quick experiment this morning to
see if I could transform this information into the MARC21 format, using
the stylesheets provided on the LoC site. Every time I run the
transformation (in OxygenXML using Saxon), I get the following error

E Failed to compile stylesheet. 1 error detected.                null

E Namespace prefix marc has not been declared        MODS2MARC21slim.xsl

its pointing to  line 249 of the MODS2MARC21slim.xsl stylesheet

248        <xsl:when
249                <xsl:value-of
250        </xsl:when>

Does anybody know what's going here, I tried deleting the entire <choose>
(since I'm not using the originInfo tag yet, but I ended up with a
document contianing only the initial xml declaration.  Has anyone else had
luck using this stylesheet?



Donald Mennerich,  Archivist
Manuscripts & Archives Division
New York Public Library
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