On Aug 27, 2004, at 11:40 AM, Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:

> 1. There has been a suggestion to parse dates so that birth and death
> dates
> can be determined. One approach would be to use ISO 8601 and include a
> slash (/) between the start and end date. A second  approach would be
> to use
> a hyphen (-) instead, as prescribed by AACR2. A third approach is to
> explicitly distinguish these as elements.

If you don't go with the third one (I guess my suggestion), then I
suggest the first.  The AACR2 rule here is a bad idea as a general rule
for date ranges (.e.g 2004-10-12-2004-10-14).

BTW, one of my points about "ref" and such is that it a completely
meaningless descriptor.  If the semantic meaning is important, it
should be a full element, both because it is more precise, and because
it gives you flexibility going forward (one can always add additional
child element after all).