No.  Network Bulletin No. 04-52

           Date: August 27, 2004

         Subject: Staff, NLS
         Index Term: Information technology specialist appointed in the
         Engineering Section

         Neil Bernstein, who holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Brown
         University and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
         from the University of California at Berkeley, has been appointed information
         technology specialist in the Engineering Section.  He will work closely with the
         head of Engineering and the deputy director as part of the digital audio
         development team in implementing the NLS transformation from an analog-based
         audio system to a digital one by 2008.

         "Neil has a unique combination of passion for audio and an electrical engineering
         and computer science background, all of which are essential for this position," said
         NLS deputy director, Michael Moodie.  "We are really pleased to have him."

         Bernstein's focus will be on coordinating software development projects supporting
         the digital talking-book (DTB) project, including the application of flash-memory
         technology.  He will also assist with the design and development of the new DTB
         player and help create a distribution system for delivering digital-audio materials
         over the Internet.  "I want NLS to turn out a player of extremely high quality--one
         that is reliable, easy to use, and that meets the needs of every patron perfectly," said

         Neil Bernstein brings an extensive background in software engineering,
         networking, and digital media to the NLS Engineering Section.

         For more information contact:

         Michael Moodie
         Deputy Director
         (202) 707-5108
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