Using Ed Summers's underlying library, I have created a really
rudimentary implementation of OCKHAM Alert. Really rudimentary:

   This directory contains the beginnings of an alerting
   service called Ockham Alert -- a proposed method for
   providing a current awareness service against the content of
   OAI repositories as well as library catalogs. In short, his
   how it will ultimately work:

        1. Content from select OAI repositories will be
        harvested and saved to central store.

        2. Content from selected library catalogs will be
        harvested and saved to a central store.

        3. The content of the central store will be indexed.

        4. An SRU interface to the indexed content will be

   The results of Step #4 will be standard SRU URLs. These URLs
   can be used to represent user queries and information needs.
   The URLs can then be optionally saved and executed on a
   regular basis having their results sent to the user in the
   form of email messages, RSS feeds, HTML pages, etc.

   Right now, the service is still pretty dump. It only
   captures a small set of OAI data -- sets of images. Nor does
   it allow you to save your profiles, but it does allow you to
   do some rudimentary searching. For a good time, try these

        * title=barn
        * title=flower
        * title=portrait


Eric Lease Morgan
(574) 631-8604