Hello, BIBCO colleagues.  I first sent a notice about BIBCO Annual Reports and Stats reports late in August.  It was still vacation time for some, and some of the email addresses of our BIBCOlist subscribers were not up-to-date.  Here's another recap of some approaching deadlines, earlier this year because of the need to forward our info for larger PCC annual reports.
September 15--deadline for sending your narratives.  Thanks to those who have sent them already:
Columbia U
Eastman--Sibley Lib
Indiana U
Indiana U School of Law
Northwestern U
UC Berkeley
U of Texas
Vanderbilt U
U of Wisconsin-Madison
Yale U
September 20--deadline for final FY2004 BIBCO stats
Check on your institution's online report for accuracy.
Remember, only one submission per reporting time.  If you sent a report for August before August 30, but it isn't shown in the August column online, it's probably already in the queue to be displayed in the September column, and the system can't handle more than one report!
November 5 or 7?--First BIBCO stats run of the new fiscal year; bundle any leftover stats into ONE report to start off the new season.
Carolyn Sturtevant
Acting BIBCO Coordinator
Library of Congress
202-252-2082 fax
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