I am working on a large electronic finding aid, which has been split up
into 52 separate ead files.  I would like to link these files together
as they represent one archival collection.  The obvious choice to link
these files would be using <extref> and then using the entityref

Unfortunately these files do not have static web pages and therefore
permanent url's.  We have come up with a way to link the files using the
ead id.  For example:

<p>To view the finding aid, <extref entityref="arts" role="eadid">click

The problem I have is that this is not valid ead.  The entityref arts is
the ead id of another file and is not defined as an external url
anywhere within this file.

Does anyone know other attribute or tag I could use to create this link
without specifying a url?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Best wishes
Roy Lumb

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