Roy Lumb wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I am working on a large electronic finding aid, which has been split up
 > into 52 separate ead files.  I would like to link these files together
 > as they represent one archival collection.  The obvious choice to link
 > these files would be using <extref> and then using the entityref
 > attributes.

Hi Roy

Why not instead use the HREF attribute of <extref>, with the filename of
the target file *relative* to the starting file?

Keep the target files in the same directory as the starting document, or
a subdirectory thereof, and that ought to be enough to forge meaningful,
navigable relationships between them.

Generally, XML and HTML s/w I've used copes fine with relative
addresses, i.e. "look in the current directory first". If the files ever
go on a web server in the same arrangement, the links will still be
meaningful, though you might then choose to do a global replace to
prepend the full path.

This would be (has been) my approach, so if it's completely
wrong-headed, I hope someone will put me straight!


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