To all:

Recently a fraudulent email was sent out to the Library of Congress
(and apparently other organizations as well.)  This email appeared to be
sent out from the Society of American Archivists Webmaster, requesting
that the Official EAD Version 2002 Web Site ( change
its SAA links to a new "mirror site."  The fraudulent email and "mirror"
site looked quite authentic.

From about 11:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m., U.S. east coast time yesterday,
the SAA urls linking off the EAD Web site were incorrect.  They have
since been corrected and the SAA has been notified.  The Library of
Congress Office of Investigations is cooperating with the Society of
American Archivists to determine where the fraudulent email and Web site

If anyone might have used the fake Society of American Archivists link
at that time yesterday and ordered something off the site with a credit
card, please check with the SAA.  If your institution had a similar
fraudulent request, please notify the SAA. Contact information and an
advisory on the fraud are at the *correct* Society of American
Archivists link:


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