Liz and Hilda:

Thank you both; you have prevented ME from making the same goof!
Viruses, malware, and spoofs are getting more sophisticated all the

Best to all,


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Hi all,

Actually the email that came across as Mail Delivery Failure and had
you can't read this message"

*is one of a variety of viruses* - not a real email delivery failure

Do not click on those links if you get a mesage like that. It is not a
legitimate URL and actually redirects to a virus

If you are running up to date virus software it should catch it for

To learn more about the virus called netsky.p look at

Liz Shaw

Glenn Gardner wrote:
> Hilda:
> No, the email error message you mentioned below (from
> just seems to be a regular error message that can be ignored.  I
> everyone on the EAD Listserv got the error message as well.
> The fraudulent email that was sent out had been from someone
> to be from the Society of American Archivists.  It was sent out to
> organizations falsely change their url links to SAA.
> As a side note, the EAD Listserv software has been filtering out
> attachments for the past several months to eliminate (hopefully)
> being sent out to the listserv.  Similarly, the list of names and
> addresses of the EAD Listserv members is not made public.
> Hope that helps!
> Best,
> Glenn