This looks like a good start, but I have some concerns.  It seems to me
that in addition to an actual Clearinghouse of Materials, we should be
providing a model of a clearinghouse as well. For instance, if we're
developing a vocabulary, we should follow good practices for establishing
and declaring a vocabulary (definitions, relationships between terms, an
XML schema, perhaps).  If we're describing resources, we should be doing so
according to an established metadata schema.

I realize that this is just a start and clearly Anita has worked very hard
at getting these materials up for us to look at. But at this point it's
important for us to come to grips with what it is we're doing and what
message we're conveying in the doing of it.


At 03:42 PM 9/10/2004 -0400, [log in to unmask] wrote:
>As some of you may know, there is a promising activity currently underway
>to develop a web clearinghouse which will be a useful resource for
>cataloging and metadata educators.
>As a bit of background: The ALCTS/ALISE Task Force for Preparing Cataloging
>and Metadata Educators and Trainers was created in response to a report on
>Cataloging and Metadata Education prepared for the LC Action Plan on
>Bibliographic Control for the New Millennium, available at
>One charge for our task force group was to develop a web clearinghouse for
>metadata materials and also to develop a Metadata Basics Package, as
>described in the Action Plan report.  Prof. Marcia Zeng, on the LIS faculty
>at Kent State is working on the Metadata Basics Package, and Anita Coleman,
>LIS faculty member at the University of Arizona, is serving as consultant
>for the Web Clearinghouse project.
>Anita has been making excellent progress on the clearinghouse, and has
>completed some draft documents for our review. I would appreciate it if you
>would look this over and give us your feedback so that Anita can proceed
>further with the work.
>The documents include:
>1) a workplan indicating milestones and deliverables,
>2) a proof of concept version of the basic categorical structure for the
>clearinghouse web page,  and
>3) background notes containing some possible topics, formats, and sample
>Topical categories - proof of concept:
>Background Notes (which has some questions for feedback):
>Please  send your feedback to our Educat list. We would appreciate your
>comments by Sept. 20, so that Anita can keep to her deadline.
>Later on, we will also be sending you draft documents from the work that
>Marcia Zeng is doing on the Metadata Basics package.
>We look forward to your comments. Thanks!
>C. Olivia Frost
>Associate Dean and Professor
>School of Information
>University of Michigan

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