Back in July you all were talking about practice work in teaching beginning
cataloging -- I was watching shorebirds migrate in the Bay of Funday at the
time -- so sorry about being late to catch up and put my two cents in.

Cent #1: Yes, it's a shame we cannot get student access to the Desktop at a
reasonable price.  For those of us who teach at a distance and have
students doing their work in multiple states, it becomes even more of a
hassle.  We have no such thing as a "single site" in which to have our

Cent #2: I'm in the third (I think) round of teaching AACR2-based
cataloging using electronic chat and it is great!  In fact, I think
students learn AACR2 better through this medium than any other method I've
used in the past 13 years of teaching cataloging.  I'd rather teach 68
students to catalog using chat than 15 in a classroom.  Seriously.

Of course, it is exhausting.  But, hey, it works!

If anyone wants to ask about how I do this, let me know.


(And THANK YOU for setting up this list, C.O.F.!!)