I just want to echo Sylvia's comment about those of us who do not have our
own websites.  Is there a way to share material which may be available on a
WebCT site for example, but not on a public website?

I'm a little concerned about the splitting of Cataloging and Metadata as
topics.  Metadata should be the broad category and perhaps then have
underneath categories of metadata, one of which is AACR2/MARC based
(traditional cataloging) and then others like Dublin Core, ONIX, TEI, etc.

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Dear Educat Colleagues,

The work that Anita has prepared to share with us is a great beginning. She
is making a significant contribution to this important project and is to be
commended for the effort.

Just a couple of questions...
For those of us who do not customarily create and use our own websites,
should wconsider doing so? In the background notes in the "cataloging and
metadata topics" section in these topics...