Dear Melanie,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I have been sick for the last week
or so...but am back on the "active" list.

I checked and found that indeed SUNY-Buffalo is on the list. Here's the
University of Hawaii, University of Southern Mississippi, University of
Missouri-Columbia, State University of New York-Buffalo, University of
North Carolina-Greensboro, and University of Pennsylvania-Clarion.

Hope this helps!

Melanie A Kimball wrote:

>I look forward to reading this report.  Clearly it's very improtant for
>all of us who teach cataloging. I am curious as to whether the six
>programs were self-identified or if you got the information in another
>way, say off the website for each program.  For instance, our program
>requires cataloging for all our students,
>but we call it "Organization and Control of Recorded Information I" so
>might not be immediately apparant that it includes basic cataloging and
>classification.  I am very curious to know whether we were included in
>that list of six schools and also would love to know which schools (in
>addition to us) still require cataloging.  Could you list them or is
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>On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Sylvia D. Hall-Ellis wrote:
>> Dear Fellow Educaters,
>> Great and timely topic, Ingrid!
>> Late last year I completed a content analysis of employers'
>> expectations (among a national sample) for entry-level catalogers.
>> Results will be published next year in CCQ. However, one finding
>> reveals the high number of employers who expect new LIS graduates to
>> have familiarity and experience handling electronic resources. The
>> challenge is to prepare these students in an environment with only 6
>> accredited programs requiring a cataloging course of all students.
>> I'm willing to share if anyone is interested.
>> Cordially,
>> Sylvia
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>> Hsieh-Yee, Ingrid P wrote:
>> >Dear all,
>> >
>> >I am organizing a program for the Technical Services Education SIG for
>> the ALISE meetings next January. The topic is deliberately broad:
>> Managing electronic resources: Challenges and implications for
>> technical services education. If you have any research or insights you
>> would like to share with LIS educators and practitioners, please let me
>> know by September 6 for us to meet the ALISE deadline.
>> >
>> >The ALISE conference will take place from Jan. 11-14, 2005 in Boston.
>> hope to know the date of our program in late October.
>> >
>> >Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions or
>> please email me at [log in to unmask]
>> >
>> >Best,
>> >Ingrid
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