Dear all,

In preparing the proposal for cataloging and metadata education (available at I did a survey of LIS programs on their coverage of cataloging and metadata. The findings are reported in LRTS. If you are interested in the number of programs that require cataloging and programs that required organization of information (or a course of similar nature), here is the citation:

"Cataloging and metadata education in North American LIS programs" Library Resources and Technical Services 48, no. 1: 278-287.

I will send a PDF version to the educators who participated in that study later this week.


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Dear Melanie,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I have been sick for the last week
or so...but am back on the "active" list.

I checked and found that indeed SUNY-Buffalo is on the list. Here's the
University of Hawaii, University of Southern Mississippi, University of
Missouri-Columbia, State University of New York-Buffalo, University of
North Carolina-Greensboro, and University of Pennsylvania-Clarion.

Hope this helps!

Melanie A Kimball wrote:

>I look forward to reading this report.  Clearly it's very improtant for
>all of us who teach cataloging. I am curious as to whether the six
>programs were self-identified or if you got the information in another
>way, say off the website for each program.  For instance, our program
>requires cataloging for all our students,
>but we call it "Organization and Control of Recorded Information I" so
>might not be immediately apparant that it includes basic cataloging and
>classification.  I am very curious to know whether we were included in
>that list of six schools and also would love to know which schools (in
>addition to us) still require cataloging.  Could you list them or is
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>On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Sylvia D. Hall-Ellis wrote:
>> Dear Fellow Educaters,
>> Great and timely topic, Ingrid!
>> Late last year I completed a content analysis of employers'
>> expectations (among a national sample) for entry-level catalogers.
>> Results will be published next year in CCQ. However, one finding
>> reveals the high number of employers who expect new LIS graduates to
>> have familiarity and experience handling electronic resources. The
>> challenge is to prepare these students in an environment with only 6
>> accredited programs requiring a cataloging course of all students.
>> I'm willing to share if anyone is interested.
>> Cordially,
>> Sylvia
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>> Hsieh-Yee, Ingrid P wrote:
>> >Dear all,
>> >
>> >I am organizing a program for the Technical Services Education SIG for
>> the ALISE meetings next January. The topic is deliberately broad:
>> Managing electronic resources: Challenges and implications for
>> technical services education. If you have any research or insights you
>> would like to share with LIS educators and practitioners, please let me
>> know by September 6 for us to meet the ALISE deadline.
>> >
>> >The ALISE conference will take place from Jan. 11-14, 2005 in Boston.
>> hope to know the date of our program in late October.
>> >
>> >Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions or
>> please email me at [log in to unmask]
>> >
>> >Best,
>> >Ingrid
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