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> A name not a contributor to a work.  It is an identifier for a person
> or organization who is that contributor, in the same way that a title
> is an identifier for a work.  A person can have one or more names,
> which is the problem in question.

    But the MODS element <name> is (from the user guidelines) Creator or
Contributor from Dublin Core, or MARC *bibliographic* field main|added
entry personal|corporate|meeting name.  You're reading too much into the
XML tag.  The MADS element <name> is more what you're after, except when
it appears alongside <titleInfo>.

> In citation practice, the concrete issue here is that if you work in
> multiple languages, you typically have to include both the original
> the translated/transliterated titles and author names on the final
> output.

    Ah, I get it now.  I thought you mean the same name appeared in
multiple scripts on the work when I said earlier it sounded like
<displayForm>.  In this case, extracting variant forms from an authority
record sounds like far less of a "hack" than having a person abstraction
in MODS.  The latter would be a sort of authority record embedded inside
a bibliographic record.