Network Bulletin No.: 04-55

       Date:   September 24, 2004

       Subject:     CMLS
       Index term:   Comparing and reconciling patron data

       To increase the accuracy of CMLS patron data, NLS has designed an electronic
       reconciliation method to enable network libraries to compare and reconcile patron data in
       their circulation systems with the patron data listed in the CMLS database.  During fiscal
       year 2005 (October 1, 2004 -- September 30, 2005) network libraries will have the
       opportunity to use the process.  We encourage every library to do so!

       Participating libraries will receive two lists from Data Management (DM).  The first list
       will include patrons in the library's circulation system, but not in CMLS.  In this case, if
       active, the library should add the individuals on this list to CMLS through WebNet as soon
       as possible.  The second list will include patrons in CMLS but not in the library's
       circulation system.  Network libraries that decide to have these patrons removed from the
       CMLS file must e-mail the list to DM as an attachment with the message "Remove these
       individuals from the [your library's code] CMLS file."  The library should respond to DM
       within one month after receiving the lists.

       As the contractor for READS circulation systems, DM has access to the patron database for
       each READS library.  Therefore, READS libraries will be given preference when
       prioritizing libraries for reconciliation in any given month.  DM will contact Non-READS
       libraries to determine how patron data will be extracted and how it will be sent to DM for
       comparison with the library's CMLS file.

       Regional libraries with their subregional libraries on the same circulation system should
       coordinate their survey responses.  Subregional libraries using a different circulation system
       may send their survey responses independently.

       Enclosed is a copy of the online survey, which will be used to determine when libraries will
       receive their lists in their preferred format.  Please complete the online survey that you will
       find on the "Selected Forms to send to NLS" page of the Network Library Services web
       site.  Libraries should consider staffing resources when indicating a time to participate in
       the CMLS reconciliation.

       For further information contact:

       Sylvia Dye
       CMLS Coordinator
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       [Enclosure: This bulletin contained a print enclosure that was mailed to the network on
       September 24, 2004.]