Operations Alert

No. 04-04

DATE  : September 28, 2004

TO    : Network Libraries
FROM  : Robert McDermott

Subject :      NLS Systems at Data Management

Data Management, the NLS contractor that supports BPHICS, CMLS, READS, and XESS,
reports that none of the staff have been injured as a result of Hurricane Jeanne, which
struck Palm Bay, Florida, on Sunday, September 26.

Data Management's roof was damaged and there is water in the building.  Staff have
been relocated to offices that are intact.  The building is being powered by a generator,
so all NLS systems are running except for the READS and WebNet hotlines (which are
out of service because of problems with the phone lines).  If you need to reach them
urgently for any issues related to NLS systems, you can e-mail Rose Anderson at
[log in to unmask], the READS hotline at reads@datamanage-, or any of the Data Management staff for whom you have e-mail addresses.
We will alert you when phone service is restored.

For more information contact:

Robert McDermott
Automation Officer
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