Hello all,

We're deepening the cataloging of the Carpenter collection to include
item-level entries of sound recordings. Imagine an LP record with 6 tracks
digitized as a single file. We have 179 objects of this sort containing a
thousand or so discrete items. This gives rise to two questions to this list:

1) In the way that xpointer can point to a portion of an XML file, is there
a parallel standard to point to a portion of a WAV of mp3 file?

2) Assuming the answer to the above is, for the moment, negative, what
would be the "best practice" tags to use inside the item <did> to tag a)
the start time within the sound file for the particular item (e.g. 02:37
meaning 2 min 37 seconds from the start) and b) the duration (since
<extent> is only allowed as a sub-element of <physdesc> which applies to
the higher level where we catalog the whole physical (and now digital) object).

Thanks for your help.
Bob Walser

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