Hi, Bob,

Great question, thanks for asking the list. We also need to describe parts
of videos and oral history interviews, and I can't see any kosher way to do
it right off the bat. For oral history, in which segments of tapes were
described (like a tape log), we hedged a little by setting up a <c0x> with
@LEVEL set to "otherlevel" and @OTHERLEVEL set to "segment." We have the
container @TYPE set to "audiocassette" and in <unitid>, we set @TYPE to
"timecode." We haven't yet digitized audio or video to be linked to finding
aid entries, but that's coming soon. I'm looking forward to hearing what the
list suggests. We received one suggestion to use METS for this sort of
description and linking, and we would do that, but METS seems far more
difficult to implement than EAD, at least at this stage.

Many thanks.


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Subject: Pointing to parts of a digital file

> Hello all,
> We're deepening the cataloging of the Carpenter collection to include
> item-level entries of sound recordings. Imagine an LP record with 6 tracks
> digitized as a single file. We have 179 objects of this sort containing a
> thousand or so discrete items. This gives rise to two questions to this
> 1) In the way that xpointer can point to a portion of an XML file, is
> a parallel standard to point to a portion of a WAV of mp3 file?
> 2) Assuming the answer to the above is, for the moment, negative, what
> would be the "best practice" tags to use inside the item <did> to tag a)
> the start time within the sound file for the particular item (e.g. 02:37
> meaning 2 min 37 seconds from the start) and b) the duration (since
> <extent> is only allowed as a sub-element of <physdesc> which applies to
> the higher level where we catalog the whole physical (and now digital)
> Thanks for your help.
> Bob Walser
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