I also prefer to create in EAD as I process a collection, using XMetal. However, in our small department we rely on volunteers, and some volunteers are uncomfortable with using XMetal. So we do a combination. We create in XMetal sometimes; and we convert lists from word processing and/or spreadsheets sometimes.


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Subject: Re: Where does encoding fit in the processing timeline?  Who does it?

> I have found that creating the finding aid in EAD is quite the best way,
> especially with regard to saving time. Once you have a good grasp of the
> DTD and the software (I love XMetaL), it takes no more time to create the
> finding aid in EAD than it does in Word. You then have one document you can
> put against different stylesheets for Web presentation, a paper copy, etc.
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> Leslie Czechowski, Archivist
> University of Minnesota
> At 12:35 PM 10/20/04 -0400, you wrote:
> >Hello -- another question, this one regarding process of encoding finding
> >aids.  I'm interested in (a) who does the encoding and (b) at what point in
> >the process the encoding is done.  For example, I can see at least three
> >options right off the bat:
> >
> >a) finding aids are originally written in EAD using authoring software (e.g.
> >XMeTaL)
> >b) finding aids are written in regular form (MSWord, etc) and then encoded
> >at the end by the processor
> >c) finding aids are written in regular form (MSWord, etc) and then encoded
> >at the end by a dedicated encoder (either in-house or out-sourced)
> >
> >How do most people do it?  What pitfalls have you encountered with the way
> >you chose?
> >
> >Any and all information is appreciated.  We're investigating starting this
> >process and would like to benefit from combined wisdom as much as possible!
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >Michele Rothenberger
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